Lead with Fun Dog Training

Group Training

Worry about the safety and behavior of your dog? Join our unique training classes that mimic real life situations!

Have guests over without a dog barking and jumping on them.

Be able to work in your home office, cook in the kitchen, or watch tv while your dog happily stays calm and out from under foot.​

Walk down the street, sit at outdoor cafes, or visit dog friendly businesses without embarrassment.

Have a dog that will come when called, every time.

Learn this and much more in our fun, small classes.​ We give you lots of one-on-one attention!

Jennifer is an amazing trainer and has been so incredibly helpful with our senior dog. She has been able to break down the steps of force-free training in ways that two very literal engineers can understand clearly, and we've really seen results! In addition, she has (without diagnosing) helped point out where medical issues may be affecting our little guy's mood and behavior and has been able to direct us to medical specialists who have made a huge difference as well. I would unreservedly recommend her for any training needs as well as understanding your dog without any need for coercive techniques.

~ Ellen B.

Group Puppy Classes

Puppyhood got you chasing your tail? Our unique and fun classes will give your puppy a great start to becoming your best friend. Includes one-on-one puppy playtime.

  • No more bite marks!

  • No more destroyed shoes or furniture!

  • No more potty accidents!

  • Prevent fear, separation anxiety, and aggression.

  • Leash walking skills.

  • Happy groomer and veterinary visits

  • Test for you AKC Puppy STAR certification

Small in-person classes that include monitored one-on-one puppy play. Introduces basic obedience skills that make training fun! Have a puppy turn into a well-behaved adult who is polite, makes good decisions, and is a joy to be around.

  • 6 classes - rolling admission

  • Spots fill up very fast!

  • For Puppies Age 9-16 Weeks at start of class.

    Saturdays @ 9 AM - Rolling Admission

    Tuesdays @ 7 PM - Rolling Admission



Our Foundations class is where we start all dogs and owners. Training techniques are just like learning a sport. Timing and mechanics are critical for making sure our dogs understand our cues or if they are following a treat or lure. Foundations also provide you with the skills to train around distractions such as other dogs, squeaky toys, people, etc. It helps everyone also understand how their dog does do in a class environment.

What you will learn:

  • Release from a stay

  • Techniques for efficient training sessions

  • How to set training up so your dog can listen

  • Relax on a mat - automatically without being asked.

  • Silent leave it

  • Paying attention to you around distractions

  • Foot targeting - so in later classes, you can direct your dog to a location from a distance

  • Beginning stay

  • Beginning Polite Greetings

The class is only four weeks, so we may evaluate which dog-human teams will be ready for the seven-week Basic Manners.

Jennifer is a wonderful dog trainer and really knows how to communicate with both owner and animal as they learn together. She has helped us with two English Springer Spaniels. Would highly recommend her.

~ William A.

Basic Manners - Foundations Part 2

*Foundations Class Graduation from Lead With Fun is a prerequisite for this class.


Students who attend classes will get:

  • To play fun games in class

  • Full easy-to-follow training plans

  • Free access to our online course

  • Videos of every step

  • Access to more advanced classes

What you and your dog will learn:
  • Wait

  • Down

  • Go to bed

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Leave it

  • Leash walking around distractions

  • Polite greetings

  • and more!

Basic Manners - Intermediate Level

Go beyond Basic Manners class and learn how to train your dog around more distractions. Distance go to bed, longer stays, walking past more difficult distractions and more!

Looking for specialty classes like Agility or Nose Games?

Not ready for an in-person class yet?

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