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Nose Games Level 1


Teach your dog how to find things using their nose! Nose games are excellent for energetic dogs and building confidence in dogs who may have trouble in new environments. Learn this fun game from a Search and Rescue dog handler.

Dogs who are reactive to other dogs and mildly reactive to people may attend this class.

Nose Games Level 2


Build on your Nose Games 1 mastery — now, it's not just fun, it's a scented scavenger hunt! We're introducing a signature target odor for your canine detective to single out. With tailored distractions to suit your dog's comfort zone, this advanced class sharpens your observational talents and boosts your furry friend's self-assurance to new heights.

Open to students who have taken a group nose games class from any company!

Nose Games Level 3


Continue to hone your dog's inner Sherlock from Nose Games 2 with car-based capers and scent-based enigmas both indoors and outdoors. Offer your pooch the ultimate brain game with hidden gems that test their wits and reward their perseverance.

* Prerequisite Nose Games levels 1 and 2

Novice Tricks


Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with your pooch at our Novice Tricks Class! Imagine your dog mastering playful tricks as spin, crawl, shake, paws up and more! This isn't just fun; it's a path to an incredible bond between you and your furry friend.

Our class is crafted for laughter-filled learning and enrichment that will leave your dog blissfully tired and, of course, incredibly happy.

Don't miss this chance to add excitement and a splash of pizzazz to your dog's routine. Spots are filling fast – sign up now to secure a tail-wagging good time for both of you!

In the last class you get the opportunity to test for a Novice Trick Dog Title!

*For graduates from our Foundations or Basic Manners or graduates from The Enlightened Dog Basic Manners Courses

Fun Agility


Watch your dog soar through the obstacles in this fun and non-competitive class.

*For graduates from our Foundations or Basic Manners or graduates from The Enlightened Dog Basic Manners Courses

What It Looks Like to Work With Jennifer At Lead With Fun:

Excellent training, they take the time to work with you and improve your behavior in order to work with your dog. Our dog is much better behaved both on and off the leash and is a happier dog. The positive training is the only way to go, and we look forward to taking more classes!

Tom B.

Jen and her team are EXCELLENT at what they do and the animals they serve. If you're looking for a true expert and someone that not only knows and understands your pet, but also cares on a deep level, then look no further. I can't recommend Lead With Fun Enough!

John C.

Jennifer is great .. Every session with her makes me more confident working new tricks and positive behavior with my little furry ball…

Ashima C.

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