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Behavior Problems

Does this sound like your dog?

  • Growl, bark or lunge?​

  • Show aggressive behaviors?

  • Resource guard?

  • Lunge at other dogs?

  • Uncontrollable on leash?

  • Is fearful?

  • Has bitten a dog or person?



We understand that every situation is unique. We will listen and tailor a solution to fit with your family and your goals. During our hands-on consultation we will work with you and your family to find the very best possible solution to your dog’s problems. We will help you understand why your dog is having trouble and teach you and your dog how to find relief. We work closely with Board Certified Behavior Veterinarians or your Veterinarian. We use the only training method approved by Licensed Behavioral Veterinarians; we are force-free fear-free certified positive trainers.

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Please note: Due to the many variables and unpredictability of animal behavior, I do not guarantee results and believe it would be inappropriate and unprofessional to do so. However, I will back up my services with a satisfaction guarantee.

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Our behavior consultant is a board-certified behavior veterinarian who is recommended, certified, and insured.

Lead With Fun's Proven Methods:

Jennifer Pennington's science-based dog training has changed our lives. My dog was seriously reactive and starting to become aggressive. With Jennifer's expert guidance, he's turned a corner. He's less anxious, more involved with me, and has better self control. Jennifer instinctively understands dog behavior and is well apprised of current canine research. She brings her natural talent and science based approach to problem solving. Plus she's a truly delightful person. A real joy to work with.

Dawn A.

When I first fostered Smokey Bear, you could see the distrust in his eyes, his dull coat and the low energy he had. According to Homeward Trails, he was an owner surrender, and had stayed in the shelter in western Virginia for almost six months because people who tried to adopt him kept returning him. He nipped and bit when handled, he viewed men as a threat, and he growled menacingly at everything. He was not an easy dog to love but we decided to adopt him anyway. If we didn't, it would likely be the end of the line for an older dog that bites. But I had a feeling he was a good dog and just needed guidance. After hiring Jenn Pennington with Lead with Fun for two months of training, Smokey turned a corner, and started responding positively to both me and my husband. After nine months of calm and persistent encouragement and love, he has grown into a beloved pet. He is smart and agile, and loves the challenge of trying new things. His first time trying out an agility course shows how much confidence he has and how much love and trust he has developed. We have Jenn and Lead with Fun to thank for helping us with that!

Lori H.

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